Prisms :: Whale Fall

Today I’ve got a special treat on the blog!


Many of you know but some of you don’t that I play guitar and sing in Prisms, a shoegaze band based out of Washington DC, and after a huge amount of effort and a lot of hard work we’re proud to announce that our second full-length record, Whale Fall, is done and ready for you to hear!  Many of you also probably know Sam Hurd, Prisms’ bassist, and we are so proud to have this finished and available for your enjoyment!  Our first record was released in 2008 so it’s been a long time coming, but we’re SO excited!!!  Please let us know what you think of Whale Fall on our facebook page!

You can order the album on iTunes using this link!

You can also listen to the album for free on Spotify!

Thank you so much for listening and I hope you love the record!!!!

:: Katie + Ryan :: Georgetown, Washington DC Engagement ::

To my team of explorers, I say to you that victory was ours!

This session was EPIC.  CanNOT wait for their wedding in October!!!!
002 Nathan Mitchell Washington DC Photography003 Portrait with jeep in foreground004 Portrait between parking meters at georgetown waterfront005 engaged couple waves to kayakers006 creative reflection georgetown waterfront007 beautiful moment lens flare nathan mitchell photography008 engagement session urban explorers009 engagement session in georgetown washington DC010 creative freelensing portrait nathan mitchell photography011 girl points off into the distance013 creative focus engagement session014 couple shares beautiful moment on rocks by the river015 northern virginia wedding photographer nathan mitchell

Yvette lynch - I have always that you were and still are a very pretty lady. Your pictures are so adorable Katie. You are going to make a beautiful bride to your also handsome husband. You guys are made for a magazine. Congratulations

Yvette lynch - Sorry that should said I always thought…..

:: Halie + David :: Boone, North Carolina Wedding ::

That feeling when you wake up in Iceland and you’re like, “wow, the light is so beautiful here!” and then that moment you realize that really you’re in Boone, North Carolina.

And then that moment when your wedding clients are your best friends, and then that moment when the rain clears and you do night portraits, and then that moment when Turn Down for What plays for the 2nd time and you lose all semblance of bodily control, and then that moment when it’s over, and everything hurts…and that moment you breathe the sigh of satisfaction and revel in the sweet victory that was this wedding.

001 Groom writes note to bride on porch002 bride putting lipstick on in bridal suite003 bride and father walk down the aisle004 bride and groom at alter black and white005 bride and groom on a path by a fence006 groom carries bride in his arms007 bride laughing during portrait session008 boone north carolina wedding photographer009 couple looking at each other010 nathan mitchell photography north carolina011 bride and groom are introduced012 groom being crazy with guests013 nathan mitchell photography014 creative night portraits north carolina wedding photographer015 northern virginia wedding photographer nathan mitchell photography016 creative shadow wedding portrait017 north carolina wedding portrait

Lindsay Jordan - Gorgeous pictures of a fabulous couple! Great job capturing the event, Nathan!

Jan Fulton - Beautiful pictures with a beautiful couple! Congrats again ( : Hope you have arrived safe and sound in your new home.